Thursday, September 15, 2011

Julian Müller

I have just heard from Julian Müller who is now studying at Indiana University. Julian is the recipient of a scholarship from the Ferris Burtis Foundation this year.

Here are some quotes from his message: 'My teacher here is excellent. I am discovering many things about my body and how it relates to the cello. My sound has opened up and things seem as if they are going in the right direction.

I did very well on a screened orchestra audition and got into one of the two top ensembles of the University's five orchestras. I am in a Chamber Orchestra, one of four cellos which is very exposed and really exciting. I am in two chamber groups. So I am very busy and learning a lot, taking other classes, theory, piano, and a pedagogy class.'

Bravo, Julian! We cheer you on to greater heights.

Julian will play a recital for us here at Rood Hill Farm in the spring or summer when he returns from Indiana.

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