Friday, June 10, 2011

Yevgeny's new album

The Ferris Burtis Music Foundation has helped set in motion the recording process for Yevgeny Kutik's major new album. The recording was done in the studios of WGBH, Public Radio, in Boston with pianist Tim Bozarth.

To help Yevgeny in this project, go to and choose 'Yevgeny Kutik's First Major Album'. You can pledge any amount from $1.00 to infinity.

In addition to the amount given by my Foundation I have also pledged an amount from my private funds. This brilliant young violinist is worthy of your support.

Please make a pledge today. He must have over $7000.00 by July 9th to complete the project.

Thank you, Herb

Monday, June 6, 2011

Under Management

The Ferris Burtis Music Foundation is happy to announce that the Elektra Ensemble has been signed by Parker Artists in New York City for representation. The Foundation is helping to finance these arrangements.

This wonderful trio of superb musicians recently performed brilliantly at the Ferris Burtis Benefit Concert at the Sandisfield Arts Center on May 22nd. DVDs and CDs of the concert are available from the Foundation. To order, send a check made out to Ferris Burtis Foundation, to Herbert Burtis, 53 Rood Hill Road, Sandisfield, MA 01255. Any amount over the cost of the CD and DVD and mailing is tax deductible.

Here are Igor Lovchinsky, Melissa Morgan, myself, and Bruna Myftaraj, the spectacular Elektra Ensemble.

The whole purpose of the Ferris Burtis Music Foundation is to support young musicians in their education and early careers.

That is exactly what we are doing.

If you want to participate in this endeavor send a check made out to Ferris Burtis Foundation to Berkshire Taconic Foundation, 800 North Main Street, Sheffield, MA 01027-0400. It's tax deductible and helps young musicians like these to achieve a concert career.

Classical music needs your help!