Monday, August 22, 2011

Yevgeny and Benedikt

This afternoon Yevgeny Kutik gave a violin lesson to young Benedikt Winzer in my music studio at Rood Hill Farm. This came about as a result of the Ferris Burtis Music Foundation contributing to Yevgeny's recent recording project. He offered a violin lesson to donors who gave a certain amount. I decided it was too late for me to take up the violin, so I offered it to Benedikt.

He has studied violin for five years. He is eight at present. We played the first movement of a Schubert Sonata for Yevgeny and Yevgeny went to work, helping Benedict with various technical problems. He felt that Benedict is very talented but needs to correct some physical habits before they become damaging.

He worked at relaxing Benedikt's bow arm as well as his left arm and hand. The results were obvious at once.

Benedikt hopes to work with Yevgeny from time to time. Benedict's parents, Andrea and Peter, came in for a part of the session.

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